The Fork In The Road

The Fork In The Road

The Fork In The Road

Every day you’re faced with tens, even hundreds, of choices about everything in your life. From the time you get out of bed, to what you eat for breakfast, to the phone calls you make and take, to the ideas you accept or reject, and everything else after and in-between.

Your choices make the life you have. Of course, people around you are trying to influence those choices. Family, friends, colleagues, boss, even strangers affect our decisions. And then, there are unseen forces that influence us: advertising, government, culture, social expectations, religion, the economy, and a lot more.

But in spite of all these pressures — I know, it’s a lot — you still hold the power to go one way or the other, to do A or B, or perhaps, none of the above.

In the end, it’s you at the helm of your ship. It’s you who can steer your life. And you do it through your choices.

Whatever they are, you’ll have to live with them.

Choose well.

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