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The Pointlessness of Grudges

The Pointlessness of Grudges

God understands us and comprehends our nature. He created Adam and Eve to be perfect, but also gave them the right to make their own choices. After using their free will to eat the forbidden fruit, which caused sin to enter the world, God still understood them and their new nature.

God knows that we will encounter situations that provoke our feelings. But for everything that harms us, He has also created limits to protect us: His commandments. This is how He shows us His love; His discipline is His care for us.

“Be angry, and do not sin: do not let the sun go down on your wrath, nor give place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4:26-27)

God has set a limit to protect us from our own anger. He allows us to feel this emotion, but we should not allow it to remain in our heart for long.

When you don’t resolve disagreements that arise, anger develops into grudges. Science has proven that grudges can cause physical, emotional and spiritual consequences, some of which include hypertension, ulcers, migraines, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

When you hold a grudge, you are only punishing yourself. The person you are angry at will, have moved on and progressed, but you are still stuck because you think that the feeling you have towards that person is hurting them.

For this reason, grudges prove to be pointless. They are like rubbish, things you keep in your bag, but that you never use. You may not notice at first because it may seem small, but the longer you leave it, the more you accumulate until it becomes unavoidable.

Grudges destroy any kind of relationship, but especially your relationship with God. Some people have grudges against God because they blame Him for their own bad choices, but He will never make decisions on our behalf.

When you decide to forgive, you will see the benefits. It is a choice that only you can make. And when something makes you angry, you decide whether you are going to be angry for the next five minutes or to allow it to have a hold over you for the rest of your life.

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