Love Therapy

Not everything that is felt needs to be spoken

Last Thursday at the Love Therapy, attendees learned an insightful lesson about intelligent love: Not everything that is felt needs to be spoken.

Bishop James and Mrs Helena shared the importance of controlling your emotions whilst being in a relationship, yes this may sound unheard of but the truth is an unbalanced use of emotions can lead couples to feel frustrated.

Mrs Helena explained the need to control one’s emotions at work; situations and problems will arise that will try and provoke you into saying or behaving in an inappropriate manner, however, in a professional setting people often tend to take control of their negative emotions. Why then do we choose to withhold hurtful words or actions at work but don’t choose to do the same thing in our relationship?

An example that left many in giggles but reflecting on themselves, Bishop James shared the importance of withholding hurtful emotions. Bishop used a comparison, getting angry is like blowing up a balloon, however when we decide to suppress those emotions and allow intelligent faith to govern the situation, the blown-up balloon starts deflating.

Attendees were encouraged to always rule over their emotions regarding their love life, furthermore, this Bible verse was shared with all:

“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down, without walls.” (Proverbs 25:28)

If you want to take back control over your love life and don’t want to make choices that you will later regret then the Love Therapy seminar is for you. Learn to love the intelligent way every Thursday at 8pm, at the Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, N4 3NX

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