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Finding yourself before finding your other half

Finding yourself before finding your other half

Bianca had a long-term relationship as a teenager. When it ended badly, she felt resentment towards men and became cautious about getting into another relationship. ‘I was very insecure about myself and would burst into tears for no reason at all. I just felt sad and empty. I used to feel like my life had no real value and that I couldn’t do anything about the issues I was facing.’

Although Bianca was invited to the church often, she always declined, until she reached breaking point. ‘One day I decided to go and see for myself, as I knew I needed a change in my life.’

At the Universal Church, she learnt that there is a solution to every problem, which starts with having a sincere relationship with God. ‘I trusted God with my life and didn’t look back. I had tried to do things my own way before and put all my trust and faith in others, but this didn’t work.’

In 2014, Bianca met Isaac through the Victory Youth Group (VYG) – the youth group of the church.

‘We worked together in our team and would also help design banners and graphics for the youth group. Working closely together on those projects, we got to know each other well.’

Before coming to the Universal Church, Isaac had internal battles. He was fearful of being alone, but at the same time, due to internal struggles, it led him to become an introvert. It was like a vicious cycle that he did not know how to break.

‘I was invited by one of the advisers of the church for a youth meeting (the Real Talk meeting), and from attending the session, I came to hear about the church and the services they provide. As I started attending the meetings, I was able to learn about intelligent faith, which is faith that uses reason – rather than feelings – to understand the things of God.

From learning this, I was able to then analyse my life to see where I was going wrong, mainly by getting to the root of my issues and using my faith to overcome them.’ After a few years knowing, working and eventually volunteering together, they went from being friends to more than that. They began dating and recently tied the knot.

Bianca says: ‘I’m happily married to a man of God, who loves and supports me. Now I have peace and an assurance that God is with me and no matter what obstacles I face, I will overcome each one of them.’

Isaac says he’s now the complete opposite of his former self. ‘Now I am completely free. I’m not managing my problems or containing them but I’ve overcome them. I’m at peace within myself and I know who I am.’

Isaac & Bianca Frimpong

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