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Understanding Vs. Defending And Attacking

Understanding Vs. Defending And Attacking

In a relationship, when things are not the way you like, it’s easy to attack your partner, complain, criticize, demand too much or give dirty looks. And when you attack, it’s easiest for the other person to counter-attack. This is the power of reaction. Your feelings rise and you act accordingly.

It’s hard, yet more effective, to try and understand what’s going on, think of a possible solution, and take a conscious action based on that.

In order to understand, you have to use your intelligence. Reaction requires that you simply feel and obey your instincts — something that any animal can do.

Understanding is the first step, it’s much more important than defending and attacking.

Do you tend to react or consider? How can you develop your ability to understand a situation before reacting? Your comment below will help you as well as others. Try it.

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