Love Therapy

Mending My Broken Heart

Mending My Broken Heart

Mending My Broken HeartLittle did I know that my prince charming would become my worst nightmare. He betrayed me several times and even had a child as a result of these affairs. Even though this hurt me, I decided to forgive him and I stayed with him. There were times when we would argue and he humiliated me to the point of telling me that I would never be happy with anyone else. I suffered from mental abuse. I lost my self-esteem and began going out to nightclubs to fill the void.

Every night, I would think of my life and wonder how I’d allowed myself to get to that point. I felt so empty and had no confidence in myself anymore. I didn’t believe in my abilities and only saw a worthless person when I looked in the mirror. I remembered all the warnings I’d had from the people who truly cared for me.

I was at my worst when I knew that I’d tried everything I could, but was still in an unhappy relationship. No amount of clubbing would make me happy and this was how I came to the Love Therapy seminars. There, I received the help that I really needed. The meetings I attended and the words I heard worked well to restore my self-esteem. I started believing in myself again. I left that abusive relationship and gradually escaped from the bad influences. I became a confident person and I learnt to value and look after myself.

It was at the Love Therapy that I met my second husband through mutual friends. At the beginning, I was reluctant, but by getting to know him better, our relationship developed and after one year of dating, we got married. Today our marriage is a blessing and we respect and love each other. Everything goes well because God is the foundation of our relationship. The emptiness that existed inside me no longer exists. Now I have peace, I am happy, and I feel fulfilled.’