Love Therapy

Becoming A Better Man

Becoming A Better Man

I was young and quite immature, but in my mind, I thought I was ‘the man’. At that time I was dating my girlfriend Natalie, but our relationship wasn’t going too well.

We argued about everything, but all Natalie wanted from me was to give her attention and spend time with her. I was too busy having fun with my friends.

This put major stress on our relationship, and since we lived far away from each other, it only made matters worse.

Looking back now, I admit that I was immature, but I was too proud to see it.

The arguments were too much and I preferred spending more time with my friends getting up to no good. Due to my careless behaviour, I was arrested and served 15 months in prison.

While behind bars, I had so much time to think and reflect on life. It was in that prison cell that I decided to get my act together and be the partner I needed to be for Natalie.

Through the help of the Love Therapy Seminar, I began to understand where I was going wrong in my relationship and how I could become a better man for Natalie. I had to grow up and become a man and take responsibilities. When I did that everything changed.

Natalie and I are now happily married with a lovely family.

Michael Mathurin