The Same Language

The Same Language

After the flood, God’s plan was for Noah and his family to leave the ark and populate the earth. The people began to spread themselves and dominate the planet. But they made Nimrod – Noah’s great grandson, who was a mighty and courageous man – a leader over them because of his skills. And instead of following God’s plan, he told the people to stay together and build a tower to reach the heavens.

“And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.” (Genesis 11:6)


God knew that if the people spoke the same language, there would be no limits for them. And He makes it clear that the secret to success in your family, marriage, and in your life as a whole is to speak one language – the language of respect, intelligent love, faith, and unity.

When a couple receives the blessing from the altar, they become one. They are one flesh, one mind, one soul, one heart, and they are also supposed to speak one language.

However, when this doesn’t happen, disagreements and separation arise. And though the couple speaks the same dialect, they fail to understand each other. You can even have a different language regarding the trivial things, such as food, music, likes and dislikes, but the language of respect must be common between a couple.

If your partner does not yet speak this language, you need to be patient and understand what level they are at. There will be moments when they say things that you will have to take a deep breath and let it go. Thus, you are showing maturity and showing that you really speak the language of intelligent love.

If you are single, the dating period is a great opportunity for you to talk less and listen more, ensuring that the person you are interested in speaks the same language as you.

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