It’s time to be the best version of yourself

Make An Effort

‘Don’t only make an effort to dress well when you’re going to meet someone new.

Make the effort every day! You never know who you could meet…’

The above is true, as you never know when an opportunity would present itself. Always make an effort with your appearance and be prepared to make that lasting first impression. More importantly also, making an effort shows that you value, love and care for yourself first, before wanting to look good for another – it’s a win-win situation.

Being Single Means: 

You’re being saved for someone special!


This also means you have the power to choose and so do not be anxious to make this decision. Being single is not a negative thing; make sure the person you choose to share your life with, is worth giving up your independence for. Anxiety would only lead to poorly-thought-out choices and decisions and the resulting consequences could be potentially devastating.

Just like in an interview, seek out your special someone with the right qualities that you are looking for. In return, make sure that you also fit them with your own qualities.

Remember, just because two people are lovely, doesn’t necessary make them lovely for each other.

The Relationship

With yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

This means that you must be sure to love and appreciate yourself before you can demonstrate that to another. Everyone likes to be complemented and receive praise, but no one should have to live entirely off the words and approval of another human being. Know and love yourself and then, even negative comments would not devastate you. Being self-aware will also enable you to set the relevant boundaries to ensure that you are respected and valued within your relationships.

Love Therapy Seminar 

Doesn’t prepare you to find someone, but prepares you to be found.

Let’s be realistic – we all want to find someone to share our life with. However, the seminar isn’t just for finding someone for you – because, what if you aren’t ready for them? The seminar is therefore to prepare you to deal with any past issues and learn to be the ideal partner for the person you meet. It is key to note that if each partner seeks to make the other happy, then there would be minimal and low-level conflicts within the relationship. The seminar will provide you with tools on how to be a selfless partner, and thus prepare you to be found by your significant other.

Be The Type 

Of the person, you want to meet.

We often say that opposites attract. Whilst this may be true to some degree, it is important to have some key foundational traits in common. That way, the individual differences are celebrated rather than being the causes of jarring conflicts.

The basics such as kindness, understanding, patience, loyalty, and love, to name a few, are vital to the survival of any relationship. There is no point seeking a caring partner when you are selfish and inconsiderate. It is only right that you treat others as you would like to be treated.