The Seminar

When we look at the current scenario, we see how people no longer believe in love. Because of disappointments, many make wrong choices and take actions that devalue what real love is, which comes from God.

The lack of credibility towards real love comes from experiencing traumas and inner wounds, and the frustrating attempt to heal them with new relationships, which also don’t work. By acting this way, many people only end up even more disappointed.

This is why we have the Love Therapy seminar – to help people heal internally and learn how to practice intelligent love. It consists of meetings that are currently held online every Thursday at 8pm due to the lockdown restrictions.

The kind of love that is taught in these meetings is based on reason and not feelings. It’s a love that is contrary to the one that relies on emotions. It comes from the Spirit of Love. Those who receive this understanding start to act with reason and no longer use their heart to make important decisions.

The Love Therapy seminars are for everyone: singletons and those who are in a relationship. To be successful in any area of your life, you need to invest in it. The Love Therapy seminars are for people who want to experience inner healing and also for those who want to invest in themselves, whilst learning how to conquer and maintain a relationship for life.

Sounds like something you would like to take part in?

Join us online this Thursday at 8pm:

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For more information, you can call or send us a WhatsApp message on 020 7686 6000.