Responding to COVID-19

Last updated: Friday, 11 December 2020 – 14:16

This section provides you with an update on all the UCKG HelpCentre is doing to bring comfort and spiritual support to our congregations and followers throughout the UK in response to COVID-19.

As you will know, the pandemic has affected the church’s work in a variety of ways across the four nations of the UK. The government in Westminster and the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have each issued their own guidance and rules as to how we should best protect our congregations, employees and volunteers and communities.

Pages in this section, accessible from the menu to the right of this text, explain what we are doing in each nation by way of providing access to services of prayer and continuing – as far as possible – our other supportive activities. But we want you to know that although our activities are restricted the church itself never closes. The church is you, each and every one of you that believes alongside your pastors and Bishop.

Throughout this crisis – for however long it takes – the UCKG will be here to support you in prayer, and provide inspiring messages and spiritual advice. We stand with you so that when this pandemic ends – as it will – we will all feel like we have come through the fire that purifies gold. It will have made us stronger, better humans, more community conscious and altogether exemplary Christians!

We will continue to update this section and related pages as the situation progresses and government guidance evolves to meet the circumstances. Be sure to visit regularly.

What’s important

For the immediate future, we must take all possible steps to stay safe, reduce risk and stop the spread of the virus. It’s a perfect time to help our loved ones and the most vulnerable in society, and keep the flame of faith in the living God burning bright inside us.

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