To Those Who Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

To Those Who Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

Not believing in love is the same as not believing in God, for God is love. A person who doesn’t believe in love can consider himself an atheist. Just as most atheists do not believe because of disappointment, those who don’t believe in love do so because they’ve never experienced love or have had many disappointments.

This feeling is understandable, but not rational.

If I’m disappointed in a store because of the treatment I’ve received from one of its representatives, I can choose to never go back there. This decision, however, will not make that store or that person cease to exist; nor does it mean that the store is not good or that all of its employees are rude. It simply means that I’ve been mistreated by one of its representatives.

So if I cross that store off my list, and it’s the only one that has the product I need, who’s really missing out?

Don’t blame love just because someone misrepresented it. Why would you allow the memory of that someone to continue depriving you of all that you need?

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