Follow You heart

You’re at the bus stop. You keep looking towards the street corner about 300 yards away, as that’s the street your bus will turn from, on to the street you’re on. It will show up any minute.

Suddenly, you see it coming through the red light, turning in violently, way above the speed limit… It almost hits an oncoming car on your two-way street, as it veers into the other lane and then back. You wonder what’s going on, as it races towards your stop before braking suddenly. You smell burned oil and tires. You hear people screaming inside the bus. The front door opens right in front of you. Terrified passengers start rushing off the bus, cursing at the driver. Some shout really angrily, “Are you crazy? Do you want to get us all killed?”

Everyone is off the bus, except for the driver. He does have a crazy look on his face and doesn’t seem bothered at all at the insults he just received.

He then looks at you wide-eyed and says with a surprisingly sweet voice, “Come on in! This will be a great ride!”

The name of the bus company is “Follow Your Heart, Inc”. The crazy bus driver is wearing a red t-shirt with white letters across his chest: “YOUR HEART”.

You have a decision to make.

Would you get on that bus?

He who trusts in his own heart is a fool. Proverbs 28.26

Then why on earth would you follow your heart in real life?

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